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Originally Posted by tennisnut123 View Post
Well i went ahead and did all of the mains, except the last main on the short side, so both mains were clamped with slider clamps, i then wove both the top and bottom crosses. I pulled tension to the top cross then clamping it with the flying clamp. Released tension, then pulled tension the the bottom cross. Then, removing both slider clamps off of the last main on the long side, and last main on the short side. Then putting one slider clamp on the bottom cross and locking it. Then fed through the last main to complete the mains, pulled tension to the last main, and locked it with the slider clamp. I then put the short side that was clamped with the flying clamp into the tension head and pulled tension to it. While tension was pulled i removed the flying clamp and attached it to the last main that was currently clamped with a slider clamp. Then removed that same slider clamp while flying clamp was attached, and adding the slider clamp to the short side main, which is also the first cross string, then tied and synched(spelling?) the knot and removing the slider clamp. After that knot I pulled tension to the long side main, which now serves as the string for the rest of the crosses. Then, removed the flying clamp and replaced the slider clamp on the inner portion of the racket and strung the rest of the crosses.

Im sure i probably lost a little bit of tension, but figured it was worth a try. Will take any pointers and what not that you have. Thanks

This is the "flying" clamp that i was using and i think this is the right name for it, if not, please correct me.
Yeah, that is a "Starting" clamp.

I'm going to simplify this so it's easier to read:

Strung all mains except last on SS. Clamps still on mains.

Wove first and last cross. Tension top cross, starting clamp to free up one clamp.

Tension bottom cross, swap glide bar to cross configuration. Clamp bottom cross.

Wove missing main (with long side), tensioned (freeing up the glidebar), and clamped with glide bar. (Does this mean you had to swap clamp configuration again?) ... Are you using half bars???

Tensioned short side (top cross???) to release starter, moved starter to last main (long side?).

Glide bar moved to cross setup to clamp top cross and tie off.


I'm pretty sure I lost your process nearer to the end, as it sounds overly complicated. One thing that I will point out to you is moving a starting clamp to the outside of the frame on a string that is already tensioned (and clamped with a glide bar clamp) and then releasing the glide bar clamp will reduce the tension on the string. The Starting clamp should ONLY be placed on the outside of the frame when the entire string is under tension. This means REPULLING the string (even if there's a machine clamp on it), THEN putting your starter on the outside.

I should point out to you that there are half bar clamps in existence for exactly this type of pattern.

There's no real way to do this without ugliness (with glide bar swapping, without half length bars) OR two starting clamps.

If I had to do this:

1) String all mains, leave off one on the short side. Tension and clamp both the "last" short side main, as well as the long side main. Machine clamp both sides.
2) Weave short side cross (top cross, leaving one hole open). Tension this string, put the starter on the outside of the frame.
3) Weave the bottom cross, tension, swap bars, clamp.
4) Fill in the final main with long side. Swap bars, clamp.
5) Weave second cross, tension, clamp
6)Continue down the frame, tie off (clamp free).
7) Re tension top cross, releasing the starter. Clamp with the glide bar, tie off.

You can "cut" a step by putting two bars on for the crosses, but that's a little silly, unless you don't trust your starter.

IMO I wouldn't do this on a glide bar machine, as it's more hassle than it's worth with glide bars.
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