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Originally Posted by Love Game View Post
oh my. how angry you are.
..that would be you--as your history of attacking the Williams sisters is well known on this board.

the future has yet to be revealed
If you believed that, then you would not leap to two unsubstantiated claims:


sloane stephens is "new guard" of women's tennis
As of this date, she's another in a long line of current players, but the "new guard" title is generally applied to those who have made a breakthrough statement--like winning a major.

Call us when that happens, but until then, your comment is a reference to a future that has not occured.


my feeling is that both azarenka's and williams' best tennis is behind them.
How can you arrive at this conclusion sans anything to base that on. Have you seen the future to know who will win the rest of the majors? No--you cannot know that, and ignore the events of 2012, which suggest a very different future.

... funny how you call the screamers "vocal players" ..... and how you refer to it as "so-called" screaming
It is "so called screaming," and there's no overwhelming movement by other players to stop it, so it is not the issue you--or a couple of talking heads--want it to be.

none of us is obliged to believe that the other players dont complain about the screeching, screaming, ruination of the enjoyment ..... because i've heard commentators reading emails over and over for two years now about how the screaming has ruined their enjoyment of watching the matches.
The players' opinions matter more than yours. They have to deal with this so-called screaming, and while playing events, don't have the option to leave the seat or change the channel. On that note, they are not a mass force marching on WTA headquarters demanding action. They do not care. You do, but it has not hurt ratings, so again, the issue is irrelevant.

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