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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Kaiser you bring up great points. Only way I can tell is over time. I will say that I have 2 Blades strung the same at the same tension. One is stock and one is 355 grams, Sw of 343. Basically a very nice weighting that is not overkill.

I think the only way to find ideal weighting is to start with a lighter stick with a decent SW and play with it for a while until it just gets to where you know the racquet and have an established string setup and tension.

there are a ton of advantages to heavy sticks, but if I am late or fatigued, they are not available to me.

Also, I have to factor in the hot summers here.

One thing I do notice is that with lighter sticks, I have to swing harder. It drains me of energy faster. With the heavier stick I can swing more relaxed and still hit a deep ball. The challenge is to maintain good head speed to keep the ball in the lines.

We shall see how it goes. black/white answer when it comes to heaviness. As you add more and more weight, there will always be a point you hit where there will be diminishing returns. The trick is figuring out where that point is for your own self.
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