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Btw, I found it useful to make the buttcap slightly larger, otherwise I find my grip slipping back to "old fart" after a lot of backhands.

So I wrap my buttcap with 3 layers of overgrip. So you might want to experiment with that.

I've heard that Fed uses an oversided buttcap (for his undersized handle), and I suspect Gasquet does too, as well as other 1-handers. But I'm not sure.

Our hands are going to be different, so do what works for you.

Originally Posted by 1980 View Post
Now that I move it back more towards bevel 8/7 I am noticing that my racquet face is naturally slightly closed whereas before it seemed like I was supposed to arbitrarily close it on contact.
Yup. I used to use an extreme eastern grip (steak knife style) to close my racket face, but realized I didn't have to if I just moved my heelpad instead.

Another benefit (main benefit?) to a low heelpad is that the racket will form a tighter angle with your arm (See the Mauresmo picture for an extremely sharp angle). This makes for a more stable hitting structure.
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