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If you are playing a league match, you play to win, and in doubles, that means going after the weaker player hard. In Mixed, that usually means going after the female. If she doesn't want to get hit, she can play back. So yes, I have hit at women hard with forehands and overheads. But it is foolish to aim high, since it is likely you will miss and it will go long. So I have hit lots of women (and many, many males) in the legs and lower body with the ball. That's not going to hurt anyone. There may be the rare case of someone getting injured by getting hit with the ball, but that is less likely than, say, someone twisting their ankle changing direction on the court. Besides, if a female gets hit with the ball, it is likely her partner's fault for allowing the opponent to hit the shot. Getting hit with the ball is a very common occurrence in doubles, and is no different in Mixed. And going after the woman is basically accepted by everyone who plays mixed doubles and it is what the males are instructed to do by captains and female partners. In fact, I know of a superior 4.5 male player who was held out of a playoff lineup almost solely because he does not go after the women when he plays.
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