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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I can make it is simpler, string all mains except for short side outside main and tie off short side outside main. Use long side to run bottom cross and SS outside main. String remaining crosses from the top down. No need for starting clamp or flying clamp.
This is why I made the qualification "to keep as close to the original pattern as possible." I assumed OP had a good reason for wanting to tie off on the cross... although it appears from below the reason isn't what I expected...

Originally Posted by tennisnut123 View Post
On the Aero pro the tie off hole is the second to last main on either side though, so you have to weave the top cross to tie off on that same grommet hole, just on the opposite side. This seems to be a crazy hassle lol, ill just stick to doing the two piece method on the neos haha. Thanks again for the feedback though!!
Since you're stringing a pretty non standard pattern to begin with, you could either make a hole larger, or just leave a different main open (3rd vs second). This is all theoretical, and really silly though.
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