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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
He just tried to make it into a system that he invented, which was silly. There is nothing wrong with hitting safe spots on the court, let's just not make it into more than it is.

But watch the AO final and see how many times players hit into the "danger zone" for example. You will be surprised.

As for drilling this stuff, instead of worrying about targets, I would suggest practicing down the line and crosscourt rallies with the right partner. It will greatly assist you in a match and you will hit the angles you want to hit easier.
Absolutely true. The problem with trying to trademark any system as being best paints one into a corner, you're stuck with it no matter what--which is why most fail miserably. The fact is the optimal target, whether it be for safety or a point ending shot, changes depending on where you are on the court, where your opponent is on the court, whether you are hitting CC, DTL or DTM, hitting slice, topspin or flat, whether the ball is high or low, where it landed on your side of the net, etc, etc, etc. The smartest target for a passing shot with your opponent at net or a rally ball with the opponent at the baseline will be very different. A target that makes your opponent run in one instance can leave you very vulnerable in another. To be good you have to do it all. Any system that would limit you so much is anything but smart. And I agree that 5236 has not made the important contribution to tennis that he seems to think he has.

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