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Originally Posted by Calor1 View Post
How long is the warranty for Nike shoes, can't seem to find it on their site.
I found on the Asics site of my country that they have a 12 month warranty.
It says they will replace it if there are material or product defects. It also says that quality problems caused by normal wear do not constitute a defect and will not be replaced.
But seeing all the pics of the shoes in this thread, most of it seems normal wear to me (if you play with a shoe on hardcourt for a few months in my experience it's normal the soles are worn out.
So I'm a little confused why you would get a new pair/refund.
As stated ad-nauseum, the U.S. has a separate outsole warranty that covers wear and tear for 6 months. Nothing to do with defects. Europe does not have this.

As re the loops snapping, if it happened after only a few weeks (3-6) then yes it will be covered for sure under the defect warranty no matter where you are.
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