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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
Those aren't just tennis expenses.

It's just hard to imagine tennis expenses alone for a junior player could add up to $700/day.

What a waste of money.
There may only be 1-2 kids like this. Not many families can afford to spend $250,000 a year on their kid, knowing that the chance of becoming another Li Na would be less than 0.000000000001%.

I personally know a Chinese boy who is training in the same center as my son. The dad works in China, while the mom lives in US with their son. They bought a house that would cost over $500,000. The boy attended a youth tennis school in China for several years. He hits beautifully in practices, taking probably 4-5 privates a week. However, he is 0-22 against any boys of 2 stars and better in the past 12 months.
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