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I love Virginia and Evonne! Virginia had a great serve and a tricky forehand. The fh had a little hitch in it which caused some problems, but still a good weapon.

Evonne was poetry in motion. No one was more smooth than she was. Her serve was tricky, hard to read off her racquet. Her forehand was a bit of a slap shot and could run either hot or cold. The backhand was lovely. Few could keep the racquet on that shot longer than she could. Carressed, massaged, or rolled - one of the best strokes to watch ever.

But I would give the nod on serve, strokes, and volleys to Marge. Her fh drive was driven so hard and flat and close to the lines leaving the women little time or chance to respond. Her volleys were textbook and came down at you. And Martina always said Court's serve was the best she ever faced. To be exact she said it came at you so hard its like she served it from a tree.
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