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Originally Posted by taurussable View Post
I strung about 10 racquets on my 602fc since I bought it June last year new. The friction of the center post of the turntable has come to a point that I feel I can't stand it anymore. so I pulled out the turntable, put some grease accumulated at the bottom of the post back to the turntable bushing. It didn't help. The weight of the machine itself can't stop the base from moving when I rotate the turntable. I already took out the set screw that is used to increase friction.

I'd like to know if other gamma 602fc users have similar experiences. Or does anyone know any magic grease that can reduce the drag on my machine?

Wait... do you want to INCREASE or decrease the drag? It sounds like from "can't stop the base from moving" that you want to increase drag. If so, you should be using a heavy grease, I hear kilopoise is a good one. I haven't tried this myself, but I actually find my 5800 to rotate too freely. I actually have to lock my turn table down to keep weaving at a reasonable pace. The older Gamma machines didn't have this issue...
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