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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
What was the exact nature of the kids suspension? Did you see the suspension letter? I'm not challenging you, this sounds like a typical code violation suspension associated with bad behavior. Would like to hear more details though if it was for cheating.
The kid posted the letter of suspension on his Facebook. It said that it was due to the behavior of the kid and his coach, like you predicted. However, aside from making bad calls and getting reversed by umpires, the kid was not the worst on the court. So, probably, he also received point penalty for making repeated bad calls. In a national open semifinal match, the chair umpire overruled two bad calls on a boy in one game and he warned that the another overrule (the 3rd) would result in point penalty. I think a kid gets suspended after receiving 10 penalty points (in our section).

The following is from 2012 Friend at Court regarding making bad calls.

FAC Comment IV.D-15: What should an official do when a player has been overruled more than once during a match? At some point, an official may caution the player (or team) that future overrules will be penalized under the Point Penalty System as unsportsmanlike conduct. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many overrules is “too many.” An official should consider all factors including:
• the age and experience of the player;
• the closeness of the calls;
• the importance of the points on which the overrules have occurred;
• the factors that might have caused the player to miss the call (For example, a sudden gust of wind blew the ball in at the last minute versus apparent outright cheating or a retaliatory call); and
• the frequency with which the overrules occur.
An official should consider cautioning a player if there have been two overrules during the same set. Once an official cautions a player that subsequent overrules will be penalized under the Point Penalty System, the official must penalize subsequent overrules.
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