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Originally Posted by suwanee4712 View Post
Hana's blessing and her curse. She operated well in chaos which might explain why she played so consistently well at Flushing Meadow through most of her career.

All the players said what you just said - they couldn't get a rhythm against her. Bettina Bunge once said that if Hana knew what she was going to do, perhaps she could figure it out. Hana's imagination and gambit approaches freaked most out including Martina who would literally get MAD if Hana drop shotted off her second serve or rushed forward and half volleyed her first serve. This is why Chris was the perfect answer to Hana. She knew to mentally stay on her side of the net and play steady. If Hana hit winners, good for her. But the errors will come which Chris gobbled up.
You have to wonder if this is a lesson Evert learned playing Evonne for so many years. Chris once said her aptitude for anticipating, did her no good against Evonne because even Evonne could not anticipate Evonne!
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