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Originally Posted by ctjpm View Post
'Learn to use the quote button.'
I'm going to go out of my way to please you.

'no one is seeking your infinite wisdom to know who to bestow the GOAT title upon.'
Nor yours.

Federer - 12%
As opposed to - Nadal (versus Federer) - 55%
Sampras - (versus Agassi) - 29%
Laver - (versus Emerson) 27%

All major play inclusive - Fed 12%, Nadal 73%, Sampras 36%, Laver 55%.

The 'greatest' has the poorest record in beating his main rival in the most important events. Only in tennis.
Apparently you're not going out of your way to please me, but perhaps you just have trouble communicating/understanding.

Some players are willing to give it their all plus have the talent and consistency to challenge for titles on all surfaces, no matter if they have to face a clay court GOAT or not. Sampras bowed out at the French Open in the early rounds, and he didn't have to worry about someone like Nadal.

Nadal, an excellent player and the obvious choice for best clay courter of all time did what he was best at, winning on clay. Fed declines, Rafa ascends, and suddenly it is a huge deal to have an extra couple of losses on the resume against the best young players on the planet. Sampras started losing to chumps at an age much younger than Fed. Actually, Fed still is only consistently losing to the best players in the world. Remember, a young Federer beat an "old Sampras" (one who is younger than Fed currently is now) at Sampras' best slam.

Have fun being bitter and clinging to one stat so that you can sleep at night.
Consider the set of all sets that have never been considered.

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