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how sad a rant, thundervalley. the way you slice and dice and mix and match first a sentence from one post, then a sentence from another post reveals your desperation to patch together some kind of point, but i'll guess i'm not the only one who's unable to figure out what it is ..... my "history" is, as I already said, part of the opinion salad that exists in your head, and youre welcome to it, no matter how innacurate ..... but you really shouldnt slice and dice, mix and match in order to rewrite another person's opinion.

the disadvantage of YOUR opinion is that we'd have to take your word for the inner thooughts of the professional players who face the hindrance cheaters across the net in order to credit it. But nobody here has the obligation to take your word for it ... and I don't.

It's we, the spectators, who have been complaining about the screaming for a couple years now: we, the spectators who have to forego watching matches by the worst of the offenders azarenka and sharapova ... we whom our family members complain to when they hear the screams coming from the television from the other end of the house and come to ask us about it because it is disturbing THEM ... we whom the wta doesnt want to lose as audience ... we are the ones who matter to the tournament directors who want to put "butts in the seats" ..... so much so that they've already spoken to azarenka, sharapova and even the williams sisters about it ..... didn't you know that? ..... havent you really heard about the decibel meter theyve been threatening to start using?

Go Li Na!!! Beat the Bellyaching Belarussian today!!!

Since the russian has already been taken out, the only hindrance screamer who remains is the belarussian ..... and she will be playing (and hopefully lose) in a few hours:

1. Count the number of times she does her hoot/scream in the first game.
2. Count the number of games.
3. Arrive at an estimate of the number of screams the belarussian puts onto the delicate inner ear hairs of anyone required to wear headphones to watch the match.

"Hair cells are the sensory receptors of both the auditory system and the vestibular system in all vertebrates. In mammals, the auditory hair cells are located within the organ of Corti on a thin basilar membrane in the cochlea of the inner ear. They derive their name from the tufts of stereocilia that protrude from the apical surface of the cell, a structure known as the hair bundle, into the scala media, a fluid-filled tube within the cochlea. Mammalian cochlear hair cells come in two anatomically and functionally distinct types: the outer and inner hair cells. Damage to these hair cells results in decreased hearing sensitivity, i.e. sensorineural hearing loss. ..." -- Wiki @

any player who forces a fan to watch a tennis match in silence in order to avoid having their hearing damaged is someone who should be slapped with a "hindrance" rule violation.

in my opinion

The legal subordination of one sex to the other — is wrong itself, and now one of the chief hindrances to human improvement ... John Stuart Mill 1869

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