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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
The "incredible mental strength" I'm referring to is after tightening up like crazy in the first TB, he came right out strong in the third set. And then at the end of the fourth, serving for the match, feeling like he was getting jammed up with challenges, Fed yelling something at him, and then losing the set meekly; after all that he came out like gangbusters in the fifth. That's incredible mental strength. Ask Stosur and Amalgro how not winning the match when they were serving for it went.

Part of mental strength, IMO, is when the match doesn't end when you want it to, feel it should, need it to, are praying that it will, and to be able to shake it off and win the next game or the next set. Luckily, because of Murray's fabulous serving he always had a one set cushion.
I can see where are you coming from but i still don't agree. he wasn't a mental wreck he used to be, and in those terms, yes, he improved his mental strength.
but like i said in those clutch moments he was behind.
sure he was under pressure to perform in 5th after failing to close out the 4th set and losing another tie break, and that considered yeah, he held it well. but he was always 'leading' the match, always challenging Roger's serve, serving spectacularly well. and he hold it together when it counted the most and didn't fall apart like in the past.
so all credit to him, but until he performs like this while on the verge of losing i will hold my breath before calling Murray a mental giant and accredit this win to his rather solid play.

edit: we just might find out what's he made of comes the sunday.
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