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Whenever I head into a match, whether it's against someone I know & have played many times, or someone I've never met, I keep the same mentality. It's not something I've always had as I used to have really bad anger problems on the court. After visiting a psychologist years ago I've found that I'm much more positive in life and on court. Rarely does something happening on the court get to me. I don't really think about it when I'm playing, but it's kind of like a zen mode. I'm in my own little world where it's just me and the ball. I put forth everything, employing strategies and patterns, to make sure this ball doesn't beat me. If I win I get great satisfaction and if I lose, it's just a ball. In some ways I just completely erase my opponent from existence. The ball is my opponent. It's a little bit weird but give it a shot . Also, do your best not to dwell on matches before or after. Walk in there with purpose, not worry.
I like that, I'll try to remember it.
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