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Originally Posted by mrc View Post
I am really a huge fan of this stick. I know it gets a lot of positive feedback but I dont think you can overstate how good it is. Its so TRUE on every shot and just a sweet stick. I switched from Prestige Pro and have not looked back one time. I have not found a weakness except I dont get quite the pop on 1st serve, but it more than makes up for it in every other aspect. Has anybody noticed how awesome the slice BH is with this stick?
I hear you, mrc. Personally, I think the Blue X-99 feels the best as far as fitting my swing and the response of the racquet face hitting the ball. I hit an extreme western grip forehand and a 1hbh. The Blue has a high swing weight and I get so much controllable power from the frame, especially on groundstrokes. Unless i catch the ball late. Then the ball flies.

That brings me to the Dual Core Gold 99. I agree with you. It is the most consistent of all the Donnay racquets I've hit. Gold 99 has a very smooth swing, provides a ton of spin and it is maneuverable. It probably has the best balance of maneuverability and swing weight. As far as defending is concerned, yes, the Gold provides the most effective slice. Return of serve is excellent with this racquet. The only negative I have experienced, is on serve. I have shoulder issues, so i have to be careful. At times the Gold did not give me enough power on serve. Also, sometimes I get too cute trying to put an inordinate amount of spin on the ball, don't hit thru the ball and hit short. This has happened with the Gold a few times.

I am currently playing with the Dual Core Platinum 94. It may be the best of both worlds. It has characteristics of the Blue 99 and Gold 99. I'll keep you guys posted on my success.
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