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Originally Posted by Raz11 View Post
Statistics are useless out of context. Before 2008...

Majors: 4-3

Federer Post Prime v Djokovic Pre Prime (2008 -2010)
Overall: 8 - 5
Majors:2 - 1

Federer Post Prime v Murray Pre Prime (2008 - 2011)
Overall: 5-7
Majors: 2-0
Statistics are also useless when you create context for them.

Federer Prime vs Kuerten Post-Prime

Majors: 0-1

Seriously. The top guys are better now than they were. In 2006, James Blake and Davydenko finished the year in the top four. Since 2008, the top four has been gridlocked by the same four guys...and these are also Federer's post-prime years. Interesting.
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