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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
i sorta agree simpler is better.... and honestly the 1hbh drive is not that big a deal....

serve is priority 1
at baseline, fh covers 65%
the 35% for the bh, the slice covers half of it.
so the drive is really just some marginal nice to have stuff in the whole game.

i wouldn't worry much about the high balls, just slice it down.

where the topspin comes in as a must have, is when you have to hit passing shots, which is usually low ball.
Actually, a good backhand can improve your court coverage a lot (by not being forced to hit that many forehands) while staying offensive. My best one handed backhand was much bigger than my forehand... and I used to hit the hell out of it on the forehand side.

I‘ll try a more extreme grip to see if I can get an easier way to pull spin next summer, but the shot‘s potential is big. And for amateurs, given most have very average BH and revert a lot to slicing, a good BH is a big advantage... forcing BH to BH rallies means winning nearly all of these rallies. Big pay off.
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