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Originally Posted by fish View Post
tks sku for yr reply .
no dead upper hoop feeling of ti mid ,it sould very good .

in terms of power ,how vcore tour compare to mp 1??
any review comparing these 3rkts ?
It's not just a feeling, there is a significant drop in power if you hit the 12 o clock position with the ti 70 mid. With the Vcore Tour 89 you can still get enough power to put a ball away even if you hit that spot when smashing. The mp1 suffers from the same issue as the ti 70 mid.

In terms of power the Vcore Tour 89 is at the top. Even though it's at the top in terms of power, the power is fully under the same level of control as the Ti-70 88 mid. This means easy to use power. On top of that the Vcore Tour 89 naturally generates extra spin compared to the other two that it may aid you in hitting additional winners.

The MP Tour-1 mid 90 just doesn't seem to be able to match the Vcore Tour 89 in power, spin, or control. The MP Tour-1 mid seems to have more of a trampoline type of string bed, which results in the ball wanting to sail a bit more. However, this does not mean that there is more speed. As you hit the ball the MP Tour-1 mid sort of flexs at the throat and absorbs the power from your swing taking ball speed away. During this event the stringbed kind of wants to trampoline resulting in a tendancy to want to sort of "fluff" the ball over the net. The result is a less penetrating shot and a lower level of control that someone can get if they used the Ti-70 mid.

The Ti-70 mid feels like you get what you put in. The MP Tour 1 feels like you get less than what you put in. Finally, the Vcore Tour 89 feels like you get a bit more than what you put in, but that power is under control.

Based on my own experience I don't see any reason for myself to using the Ti-70 mid or the MP Tour-1 mid. On top of this getting grommets for the Vcore Tour 89 is much easier than those other two rackets.

I don't know anyone else who compared these three rackets.

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