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Originally Posted by schmke View Post
When were these matches played? If they were before 11/1 he should have received a C rating for year-end 2012, if they were after, they should be used for his year-end 2013 rating and he should get a C then.

Now, based on those results, his C rating very well could be 3.5 (but it all depends on his partner and opponents of course) so one course of action is to just wait for that and then play 3.5 in 2014. Or, if you have early start leagues and early start ratings for them, he may be able to play at his new level sooner.

Of course, if his partner/opponents were such that his dynamic rating is still above 3.5, he needs to play more matches to convince the computer he is a 3.5.
They were played between 10/9 and 12/7/2012, 10/16 and 11/27 were the two middle matches. I just checked and he is still self rated so apparently he did not play enough to be computer rated at 12/31/2012.

Thanks, it seems he just needs to find a 4.0 team that will take him on so he can lose enough to generate a 3.5 computer rating for 2013.
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