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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post

here is something I had filmed about a week ago while NC was in the 50s-70s, and it's a good thing I did because everything outside is now coated in ice.

the video is mainly forehands, but I have done a lot of good reflection and realization from it. the slow-mo and stop motion break down is at 2:28, but I hope you will look at all the whole video and comment on the strokes.

Even though I didn't make the video for or against the wrist snap argument specifically, I feel that I can now decide for myself. As I stated in post #4 here, if you are swinging anything like the pros (and I'm not claiming to be), there is minimal to no intentional wrist movement. I can honestly say that I was just swinging through the ball, no intentional wrist flicking, radial deviation, or anything of the sort. I do think there are some exceptions (see at 38 seconds, for example. it's hard to fathom that much forearm speed and the follow through without wrist action), but they are mainly from bad positioning or bad foot work.

I also mentioned that the proper follow through pronation, with no voluntary wrist action, was due to the stretch shortening cycle based on Solat's explanation (post #6 at and other readings. I have really been focusing lately on getting the racquet face that will make contact to face behind me on the take back, as mentioned in talks about the SSC and performed by many top pros (to varying degrees). In many of my shots I see that the racquet is making between a 45 and 90 degree angle with my forearm right before contact, so I just want to make sure this is evidence of the SSC and that's it's helped by the racquet face facing behind me. Also, I noticed that Murray doesn't have much of a racquet face turn back at all, but at the lowest part of his back swing his contact strings are facing down and parallel to the ground. What does this accomplish, and how does it effect SSC?

Without getting too deep into another dividing topic, I did lead up the main racquet of the video to 383 grams, 7.5 pts HL, and SW of 365, so without the calculations in front of me i think the Mgr/I is just under 21. It feels absolutely awesome, and like the video convinced me the wrist is not active, I am also convinced there is something to Mgr/I. By the way, the racquet is a Ti. Carbon 5001, and the strings are the FACTORY SYNTHETIC. That's right, I haven't changed out the strings yet, and I am still getting great results with spin, accuracy, and consistency. Can't wait to get some kevlar in there
i haven't played around with mgr/i yet. everytime i read up on it i give up because of all the banter back and forth and i get confused.
what have you noticed with it?

swing path looks good i guess. you should really work on it though. you're wasting a lot of energy and it's not repeatable due to your stance and footwork. and your stroke won't hold up against a heavy ball from say for example.. me. haha.

what grip is that? looks like a mild eastern.
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