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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
i haven't played around with mgr/i yet. everytime i read up on it i give up because of all the banter back and forth and i get confused.
what have you noticed with it?

swing path looks good i guess. you should really work on it though. you're wasting a lot of energy and it's not repeatable due to your stance and footwork. and your stroke won't hold up against a heavy ball from say for example.. me. haha.

what grip is that? looks like a mild eastern.
after optimizing Mgr/I, I've been able to play more consistently and feel like I still hit with solid contact outside of my strike zone. The optimal number is good and all, but I think people think too much about it, and I believe the reason there's debate is because people don't think there's a magic number. It's really about what gets you to that number - the weight, the balance, and the swing weight. In order to have a relevant optimized number (this is also an argument against it - you can get the/your optimized number with various combinations of weight, balance, and SW using calculus to figure out the individual numbers on a curve. Someone did this and sound they could get Mgr/I to 21 with like a 6oz racquet or something, and while you can, it should be obvious that's not the point), you need a pretty hefty stick - I couldnt get the Mgr/I around 21 without the weight being over 13oz. That weight is going to make the shots feel more solid. Then, you need a pretty HL balance, which makes the racquet swingable. The last thing also turns people off - you'll need a pretty high SW, but that comes with the territory of a high weight to begin with. The high SW is free power and stablizes the racquet against a heavy ball (such as yours ). All in all, it's the combination of racquet characteristics that get that magic optimized number, not the other way around. I def recommend to anyone to try it.

Where am I wasting energy? And during matches and even just hitting for fun when I'm being moved around I def get more of a knee bend and better foot work going. This was a casual session, but yes, foot work is very important to start the kinetic chain, so thanks for lookin' out for me haha. And I've rallied against many a heavy ball, is that a challenge?

Oh, and I use a semi western forehand
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