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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
say you get a joe six pack, average build, athleticism everything, in late 20s, guy is now a 3.0, and wants to get to 4.5 in the shortest time possible.... how would you do it?

I have an idea - I'd let him only use the continental grip, and work on serves, volleys, baseline chip shots.... and his strategy will be S&V, or delayed S&V on serves, and chip-n-charge on return games?

is this idea crazy or not?
No, let him sit down with a ton of chips, 1000 lb of bacon, 2000 gallons of beer, have him read the tennis tips and instruction thread from the beginning. That should be enough.

Another method is for him to post as many posts as he can, the more you posts, the better you think you are. That's a fact.
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