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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
They were played between 10/9 and 12/7/2012, 10/16 and 11/27 were the two middle matches. I just checked and he is still self rated so apparently he did not play enough to be computer rated at 12/31/2012.

Thanks, it seems he just needs to find a 4.0 team that will take him on so he can lose enough to generate a 3.5 computer rating for 2013.
The USTA year for NTRP ratings is November thru October, so it sounds like he is stuck in the worst situation for his 4 matches. He had 2 before the end of October, not enough to get a C rating for 2012 year-end, and he also only has 2 in the 2013 year, not enough to be rated. So he likely needs to get at least one more match in before the end of October.
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