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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Zed, you have the Agassi stick? The real deal? Amazing. I'm jealous. Anyway you could get the swingweight, weight and balance on it?
P.P. - received the racquet today, and did my best to get you the requested figures.

First, the racquet is strung with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power, with a current tension of about 46 lbs. I apologize with respect to the measurement specs, as the only measuring device I have on hand renders it rather difficult to cite specs with truly acceptable precision - will do my best, and will attempt to verify later, but nonetheless thought you might appreciate them. As to weight, the racquet is 352 grams with neither an overgrip nor a dampener (although this is the strung weight). Length appears to be 69 cm, with a balance point of approximately 32.5 cm (this figure likely is the most imprecise). I haven't conducted a proper swing-weight test as of yet, but just plugging the aforementioned numbers into the racquet-tune app, it appears as though swing-weight is at about 327 or so.

As the pictures show, this is indeed not a traditional radical and indeed more in line with the Pro Tour frames (the extended grommet channel comports w/ the PT280s I have on hand). The grip is interesting, and is unlike most Head grips that I can recall. As the pictures show, a bit more square than usual (more comparable to a POG, to a lesser extent the TK82S grips and, lastly, the standard PT280 grips). The grip itself measures approximately 4 1/2 in. around. The racquet's in great condition, but obviously played (which, frankly, I look it as being a positive).

Hope you enjoy the specs, and let me know if you have any questions that I could answer.

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