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I was going to say a lot about your footwork and stance but you said you were being casual so i'll give you the benefit of the doubt there.

you do a lot of things pretty well actually. swing path is great. you just don't do all the good things together. meaning on some swings your contact point is good but rotation is off. or pronation is good but extension is lacking etc.

your takeback is too far back which is why your not getting good ssc. you take the racquet all the way back and there it becomes disconnected from your rotation so you have to use your arm to do all the work. lots of players have a long takeback like that but they use the arm muscles to move the arm ahead while the torso is rotating and then when it's caught up to the correct spot then the torso and arm is in sync and move together as a unit.

but you do your take back and you rotate but you can see while you are rotating your arm catches up and passes your rotation. they never move together. you can really see it on the side view at the end. your arm goes right past your body. you're loosing a lot of oomph right there.

just to get the feel you might want to try making your takeback much shorter. just for experimenting make it very short like fed's. it will feel uncomfortable but try it for like 20 strokes. once you figure out how to make contact like that you will see you will have much more power. Then you can adjust things to your liking.

If your takeback is shorter then when you rotate your arm will have 'room to breath' and will be pulled by the rotation and there it will stretch and give you the ssc action.

Also the djokovic-like takeback you are doing is not good for your grip style. That kind of takeback is natural for a more extreme grip because that is the natural path it will take while maintaining a 'neutral wrist' position during the takeback and it will lay the racquet flat (pat the dog) at the end of the takeback. With your grip, doing that takeback puts tension (whether u are aware of it or not) in your wrist and it doesn't let you get into a pat the dog position thereby robbing you of ssc and potential topspin. look at the face of your racquet at the end of the takeback. not so good.
You might want to try copying the takeback of a pro that has a semi western grip.

Your topspin. so so haha. you get some good spin sometimes but when you do i can see you really have to work for it. Your topspin is good but it's not biting and there is no sidespin component on it. I'm guessing you hit a lot of balls long. it doesn't have to be that way. In addition to the above mentioned stuff you might want to make contact about 3 or 4 or so more inches out in front. your contact point is good and it's well out in front but if you move it out a little more then it will be at the point just before your racquet starts moving to the side and also where your wrist starts to deviate. currently your racquet is going thru it a little more than i'd like. That way you'll get more natural spin with sidespin and also you'll be able to generate a lot more because your wrist will naturally be turning at that point so you'll be able to give it a bit more manually right there w/o doing funky arm movements. it will be more natural. plus you'll be able to swing harder because the harder you swing the more your wrist will be moving right at that sweet spot. just a couple of inches. it will be hard to make the adjustments but it will work.

... and dump the closed stance lol.
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