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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Interesting to see how different/same the frames play. I think I got a bad Ig PresMid+ a year ago, otherwise known as the GadsEffect.

It was totally off. The balance and feel was strange, 5pts HL I believe and a really low sw and throat heavy. Way under-powered.

Those 25th editions are very nice lookin'. Superb matte black, sleek look.

That's strange. Throat heavy frames always feel a bit slow to me personally, so I'm not a huge fan of them. I definitely noticed it though when I demo'd it originally too! Mine felt waaaay out of spec, like HH as heck, maybe only 2 points HL, and with a mid swingweight of around 320ish? It just swung horribly. From shadow swinging my 25ths, they are darn near identical in SW / balance / weight. I really like that they don't feel funky at all, and they swing smoothly enough. Plus I love the sexy "suit and tie" look of them over the bold red of the normal PJ's. What can I say? I love the clean looks!

I've been using Gosen OG 17 natural / Dunlop Ice 17 for over a month now in all my frames. Love the syn gut mains, and since I've been using overly dense patterns breakage is definitely not terrible. I strung the Prestige's @ 50/48, and next time I will probably test a bit lower, maybe 40/38.

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