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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Yes, good call. String those babies low, shouldn't be a problem with such a crispy rig. Forgot about your 'go-to-set-up'. Sounds nice. Ever reverse the M/X's?

Every time I swing my wife's frames, I'm like, 'ooohh, syn.gut.crispyness'. I gotta leave the multi/poly set-ups I've been stuck on. They turn to mush way to quick. Gotta string like every 3-4days and that's just poo.
Haha it's a pretty sweet playing set up for like 3$ worth of string! When I first started messing around with it, I did Ice/Gosen, but I found that it played a bit too harsh in a closed pattern. In my PDRGT+ however, I do use the Ice/Gosen to help tame down the bed a bit. The Gosen/Ice plays comfortably, with a touch extra spin from the Ice. I generate more then enough top from syn gut alone though, so anything extra is just that, extra! Haha!

Haha honestly, full syn gut is great. I don't like multi/poly hybrids because I find the durability to be garbage, and they play ultra mushy like you already said.

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