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Steve Huff
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ATW was easy with the Neos (I had the Model H) if you have a short clamp bar. I strung a box pattern. With the Babolat, it's even easier. String the 1st 7 mains on each side as you normally would. With the long string, tension and clamp with the clamp on the short bar. Then, string the top cross, tension it, turn the glide bars horizontal to clamp and tie off. The short bar allows you to do this. Then, weave the bottom cross just like the top one (1 and 19, both odd numbers so over and under is the same). Tension and clamp using the clamp on the regular bar that's already horizontal. Then, string the last main, clamp using the short bar clamp again. You're at the top, ready to start with the 2nd cross and work your way down. A true "box" pattern.
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