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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Ahhh.. the Spoiler of Suffolk...... A general rule of thumb is until the earth makes a complete rotation relative to the time-zone the match started, so 24hrs.

I don't mind one bit Ross, in fact, I prefer knowing who wins these big matches, even if I haven't seen the match. Doesn't retract from enjoying the replayed match, I can key in on 'the' moment a certain player had the win and why he/she lost it.

Now if I could find a way to know who wins before the match starts, I'd be a richer man.

Woke up at 6am in a daze, the TV on (been having tennis dreams lately, cheering,grunting,ball striking, etc..) and remember thinking, 'these guys are hitting the felt off the ball'. Then off to work.
Don't think you're being wholly serious, but if there's some truth in what you say, that's interesting Klem. And not least as, having never heard tell of it ever before, I've never observed this, nor been aware of others abiding by this stipulation. As far as I'm aware, we've all been routinely discussing, praising, lampooning etc, players and referring to matches without censoring ourselves and in regard of any 24-hour time code since 2010 when this little thread of ours began.

Anyway, at grave risk of increasing the incriminating evidence now piling up inside my Talk Tennis Stasi case-file, it would somehow be remiss of me and going against the grain of what this thread's all about if I didn't repost the following...

Ah, that's better!
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