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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Interesting to see how different/same the frames play. I think I got a bad Ig PresMid+ a year ago, otherwise known as the GadsEffect.

It was totally off. The balance and feel was strange, 5pts HL I believe and a really low sw and throat heavy. Way under-powered.

Those 25th editions are very nice lookin'. Superb matte black, sleek look.

The GadsEffect. Ruining lives, one stick at a time... Seriously, I was so perplexed by that whole experience. The demo was just extraordinary. Exactly what I wanted in a stick. Tried two IG MPs thereafter, never found the same feel and performance. Such a ruinous experience, the next time a demo plays that well, would almost be tempted to not give it back and just pay the full stick price for the demo frame. But that's bad form. Anyway..

Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post

I don't know if you necessarily have to be a better player to play with Mid+'s over the Mids, the Mid+'s just offer a more versatile string bed and a tad more 'pop'.

But spec-wise, they're almost identical. At least the important specs, balance, static and swing weight.

In fact, gram for gram the Mids swing so much sweeter than the Mid+'s and at my level, it really doesn't make a difference which one I use. I won't gain/lose that much, ie- I'm not gonna be a 5.0 by using the Mid+ or drop down to a 3.0 by using the Mid.

I don't know.
Truth. It's all stick and user specific. Like life. I had a dalliance with both the Youtek Mid and MP, had both for two months, used them equally, and was continually playing better with the Mid which went against conventional wisdom. I gotta say, there is just a magic about Prestige Mids. Every frame release, we all want the Mid feel/performance to show up in the MP. I felt like the IG MP finally delivered that for me. And then I sent back the demo and purchased the frame. GadsEffect.

Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Yes, good call. String those babies low, shouldn't be a problem with such a crispy rig. Forgot about your 'go-to-set-up'. Sounds nice. Ever reverse the M/X's?

Every time I swing my wife's frames, I'm like, 'ooohh, syn.gut.crispyness'. I gotta leave the multi/poly set-ups I've been stuck on. They turn to mush way to quick. Gotta string like every 3-4days and that's just poo.
Recent 4g/ogsm stringbed felt so good for so long before dying on me a few days ago... Made me not just appreciate the 4g but was a reminder that I do in fact love aspects of syn gut. There's a 'pock' kind of sound and feel that's very familiar, old school, satisfying, rather than the 'thud' you kind of get with poly beds. I'm so used to poly string performance now, though. Not sure I could ever go back to syn gut mains.. I actually like syn gut better than natural gut, because I'm a weirdo. Every time I try natural gut, I can't seem to control the ball, it just 'springs' off the bed too much for my taste.. SynGut gives me the feel but the control also.

Ross, congrats on Muzza. He still bothers me with his wincing at every bad turn, but he's transformed himself into such a solid, steady, heavy thumper of the ball rather than a counterpuncher. And Kim Sears is just adorbs. ... Would love to see Lendl smile once in the box. Just once.
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