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You may get more detailed advice from other posters, but I think the general consensus (both from personal experience and what I've read on the boards) is that Prestige MPs (even the IGs) really benefit from some extra weight in the head. If you're having torsional stability problems, adding lead tape at 3/9 will increase twistweight and should have the added benefit of widening the sweetspot. The IG MPs have surprisingly low swingweight (my demo came in at 308 SW), so lead tape at 3/9 and/or 12 will also get you up to a more typical modern swingweight.

Just for reference, I'm around a 4.5 and found the previous version of the Prestige MP to be very difficult to play with stock - I have mine leaded up to about 335 SW. My younger brother plays college tennis and used to hit the YT Prestige MP stock because he didn't want to mess around with lead, but he eventually switched rackets because he was starting to get arm problems.
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