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TCF remember a couple of years ago there were a few on here making a big deal about the Spanish way of teaching and that they had the best system and clay courts were the best way of teaching, I said it all comes in cycles ? I personally dont see the next wave of Spanish coming up to dominate and it looks a little like the US women are having a little surge but will see , I am just looking for the next cycle .
If you build a competition system like Spain or France then you get a mass of players competing, the trick is to keep them in the system, doing something in the sport. The cycle is helped when you get a no. 1 or some top 50 players..they all push each other, then you get get 2 british girls/women, 2, 3 US don't need many.

If China build there own tournament system they will definitely have the numbers! Once they do that it will be interesting to see if they get a cycle going. It gets a focus then people get interested in the sport, winning tournaments especially majors, lasts.

The coaching is another issue but you are right it all goes in cycles, waves.
The trick is to catch the wave, ride the momentum & stay there for 5,10 years.While that top player is on top of the wave you try to get a few lesser players to practice with them so that some of the magic golddust settles!
The Spanish Men have done really well the last 10 years, you only need a couple of players to push the others.
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