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Actually, PVD before what we can call the EDM boom after 2000, used to produce really interesting trance techno live sets.
But Bobby Jr is right, now he's like Tiesto, filling arenas with his cheesy trance sound. His production just sucks.
And IMO, Paul Kalkbrenner is the new PVD!

On another subject, it's funny to notice that now in 2013, most popular "underground" dj's (cause they're not really undeground!) such as jamie jones, art department or even Tale of Us make crowds vibe to 117-124 bpm tunes. Very downtempo. Before it was >140 bpm and more or nothing. Interesting change in the EDM sound.
I like it personnally, it's slower and deeper, a mix of detroit techno and chicago house to today's tastes...
And some dj's even started singing live (kenny glasgow of art department, maceo plex/maetrik, etc.)
Some say it's just an old trend that is today's new tendance and that it's gonna be forgotten 3 years from now. Who knows?

That's why guys like Hawtin, villalobos, Digweed, steve bug or even sven vath will last longer imo, because they built their own sound, not very time sensitive.

Some name dropping of the current leading dj's of the real EDM scene for those interested in listening to fresh EDM:
Michael Mayer
Tale of Us
Art Department
Eats Everything
Marcel Dettmann

Also, there's one crazy superstar dj called Seth Troxler, insane track selection...
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