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Alright. Let's have a little chat here. May we?

This is the Internet, and that means that whatever is said will go horribly wrong, people may hate, lash out, or not understand but it is time to state the obvious.

Let's break it down as a numerical fact list. Yes. that should do.

1. We are all *******s, of the fun well-intentioned variety (in most cases) to view, contribute to or otherwise to faiul to ignore a fcking thread entitled "best legs and other female issues." Me too. Women, including our mothers and sisters, are not objects for us to evaluate. Our judgments - whether to say Jelena The Body Jankovic is the finest woman in tennis (which is a true fact), are equally flawed and wrongheaded as the posts that state someone's face is ugly. As men, we do not have the authority to make those judgments. To judge is to relegate another person to a lessor status. I believe that and I post now as much for the WTA member, who might by some incredible stroke of misfortune has landed upon this thread. What this means is this:

2. You are ALL beautiful. I/we celebrate you and your sport. I pay to attend your events and I show respect -- to your faces. I've been to hospitals and seen women who can not walk, much less play professional level tennis. There's no such thing as best legs. Only people enjoying the grace of the almighty and the benefits of selecting the right parents and being in the right place at the right time. A woman I wanted to fck most profoundly last year had cancer. She lost weight but was in spirit and mind and body was Maria Sharapova's superior. We are all idiots to judge anyone but ourselves. Beauty is so much more than anything described on the level of this or any other similar thread. And it is ephemeral. The worst gutter manifestation of ageism is reflected in out judgments of beauty. Which means this:

3. Other than Jelena The Body Jankovic, the hottest women in tennis are really the following:

Billie Jean King
Rosie I'll lick her thighs Casals
Martina Navratilova
Evonne Boner-Giver Goolagong
Margaret Court
Hana Madlikova
Althea Gibson
Chris Schwing Everet
Zina Garrison

And so many, many more women who built this sport -- I love them all and would bang all of them -- today -- not because they have the physical characteristics of some 20 year old, but because of they are so important and hot on a level that does not diminish with time.

4. I/we love this sport. And this sport is a pallet on which our sisters can express themselves and it is so fcking good. The biggest contradiction in sport life is that a super bowl can attract so many more viewers that a grand slam final. I just can't understand it. Li Na's thighs and panties and even a possible camel toe AND competitive fire and technique and skill and struggle vs. some fat *** guys developing brain injuries -- if they televised the woman's Wimbledon final at the same time as the super bowl.....

5. A life lesson. A lesson in civility and what it means to be a gentleman, if that term has any applicability here: Assume that some of the players you speak about read this blog. Be a good person. Talk about what you like in a player. If you use this tool to describe what you think is ugly about a person, you're being a pig and your biggest problem in life is in a word: Karma. Being a professional player is one of the hardest things you can do and having every crevice of your humanity on a stage for people to judge is more than most people can handle. Loving your sport means respecting its practitioners -- including respecting yourselves. This applies to all of our interactions with women.

6. Having said all of this, I love this forum and wish no hate on anyone -- even the dumb asses among you. I truly enjoy this thread. You've all created something unequaled on the Internet -- I hope you know that.

7. Listen. Jelena The Body Jankovic is the hottest woman in tennis. Ever. Disagree with that and you announce yourself as be asexual, not possessing a penis or any measurable level of testosterone. It's important to study and enjoy her legs nd the fact that she is cute. I enjoy that.

8. Behind Li Na, Martina Hingis is the 3rd hottest woman in contemporary tennis. All opinions to the contrary are wrong.

9. There seems to be a lot of bias against the Williams sisters. Simply said: Those two women and the family that formed them are beyond measure or judgment.
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