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Tennis players would be better off with neutral grip dumbell press. Save your shoulders man..

If you are built right and use good technique - sure you can bench. But lots of tennis players have long arms and poor flexibility (especially thoracic) and run the risk of ruining themselves with benching..

Its not like you can't get stronger with heavy dumbells. Dumbell at 120lbs each is no joke.. As for steriods - perfectly safe in theory as they can corrrect natural shortages.

But. In practice you have to be a friggin chemist and have a doctor to monitor your cycles dosage and recovery drugs and stuff...and thats just to not screw yourself up in the shorterm.

This is why plenty of bodybuilders are actually smart. You got to be to work that stuff out. It's pretty complicated to do it right..

And they still seem to die young - as do professional wrestlers... (another steriod abusing group).. Leave the roids for people like aids patients who actually need em.
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