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Originally Posted by chalkflewup View Post
OK coach, then give me a number. We all have cheating stories but each of those are hugely magnified. Anyway, toss out a number. What percentage of the kids cheat?
Can't wait for this answer. Not holding my breath though.

Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
I have never whined about cheating, never accused a player, never filed a complaint and I never will do any of the these things. But to say 99% of the juniors do not cheat astonishes me, having watched 1000s of junior matches. Cheating is frequent and widespread, a part of the junior landscape. I have witnessed a parent advising his top 10 player to cheat. I have witnessed 2 top 10 players discuss and agree on a scheme for cheating. This is just the tip of the iceberg of everything I have witnessed. No sour grapes. Let them cheat. I and my players don't care. Maybe its because I'm old, harmless, laid back- kids and parents talk to me.
You know what's astonishing? Your freaking inability to do math. You have watched 1000's of matches and can only came up with 3 examples? Maybe in your fantasy world percentages figure differently. Based on the amount of kids who compete under USTA, even at the tip of your fantasy iceberg you have a long way to go to get past more than 1% of kids cheat. I defy you to come up with a number greater than 1% of tennis playing kids are premeditated cheaters.
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