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Originally Posted by Calor1 View Post
Still early in the year but already a great contender for weirdest question of the year.
Why would you want to sew them together? If you buy a 9 racketbag and it isn't big enough just buy an extra duffel bag. You can wear on on each shoulder and I think it would look better than a homemade 16/18 racketbag imo .

If you do however plan to sew them together I would really like to see sone pictures though.
I hope I win..

Because, I love my Becker bag, and it wouldn't make sense to spend $65+ for the same bag that can fit 2 more racquets.

I hate duffel bags. You have to stuff your racquets like putting clothes in a suitcase. Plus, the items besides the racquets can scratch them up and/or if you place your racquets at the bottom of the bag, you would have to take everything out again...

I don't want to ruin the bags myself, I could just ask a local crafting store to do it I guess...

If this thing works, I would love to send pictures!
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