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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
Actually, PVD before what we can call the EDM boom after 2000, used to produce really interesting trance techno live sets.
I back you on most of what you say but as someone who's followed electronic music insanely closely for 25 plus years I have never seen or heard a single reference to PvD as "trance techno". If they did, it was either a misnomer, some clueless newb thinking they knew about dance music or, some trance cracker trying to paint their sound in a less god-awful light.

Trance is and has been utter drivel for 15 years plus. What started out as an interesting idea has been dominated by cheese peddling egomaniacs who attract musically clueless fans like nothing. There is even a great cartoon series about trance > seriously, enjoy this in its entirety, it cuts pretty close to the bone regarding trance >

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