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Originally Posted by asimple View Post
I think you can appeal a self rating. I did exactly the same thing as he did coming back after 10 years off thinking I would be able to play again. Little did I know 80 pounds and being in your 40s does make a difference. My appeal was unfortunately denied although they did consider the situation and I was probably more of a borderline case than this guy is.
I tried this when my self rate application was set to 3.5 when I was getting registered for my first USTA tournament. I appealed it and I was denied because I was a college athlete in swimming. I played one year of HS tennis and didn't play again until I was 39, now 40.

The appeal process is easy and I got a detailed answer back from a real person. It just wasn't the answer I expected with a limited resume. It all worked out and I can easily hang in the upper half of the 3.5 group at the club. I have a lot of work ahead to get to 4.0. The funny thing about the whole self rate experience is that even though I was self rated at 3.5, they put me in 3.0 for my first tourney because there was only one other in the draw. 6-1 6-1 later I had a first place umbrella.
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