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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
Wow! Yes, I've seen in other parts of the forum pics of your 200g pro II and pro III, or of the 200GL...

I have many of these Dunlop IMF frames... I don't have the 500i yet, and the 200g pro in dark-electric blue instead of purple green...but that (ugly, in my opinion...) version has never been sold in Italy (where I live). Also the 150g is missing...hope to fill these gaps in the future!

The 300i is a very nice stick...although I still prefer the 200g or the 400i

A question, jimbo: have you ever heard about the existence of the max 400i pro??
Yep I've got a 400ipro, a 400il (shorter version), x2 400i with different 200G paintjobs, the turquoize/orange gloss paint version 400i (from 1992 I think same design as racket I'm talking about below, and really rare, never seen another), and finally a mid production 400i with the metal core still in it!

Also when you say the 200gpro in dark electric blue, are you talking about the gloss black/blue version with the turquioze and gold chevrons? I'm still confused about that racket, I think it was the last version from 1992? Now that version does seem slightly lighter and stiffer to me (just slightly).

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