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I have a Flexpoint paintjob version autographed that sits on my fireplace mantel... From what I've read here and based on Head racquet experts like vsbabolat, Agassi always used a Radical 260 in either a 20x21 dense string pattern (early on) or the standard 18x19 (later on in his career). While the PT280 OS is a nice racquet in itself, I don't think it was ever the basis for the pro stock OS Radicals like the PT280 MP was for the PT57s. Got to remember Agassi came from first the POG OS and then Donnay Pro One OS, both were somewhat stiff frames and the PT280 MP and OS are very flexible frames. As we know with Head's number system back in those days, the lower the number, the stiffer. So with that said, you get your hands on an Austrian Bumblebee Radical 260 OS, you've essentially got what Agassi used and apparently still uses to this day even through all of his recent racquet adventures.
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