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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
Thank you jimbo for the appreciation!!

Yes, mac used the grafil version with the pro paintjob in the second half of 1992...I have seen many pictures showing that in the tennis magazines of the time...I dont have a scanner with me now, but maybe I'll post a couple of them, e.g of the mac ride in Wimbl up to semi that year!
I would be really interested please in seeing a clear photo of Mac using the max200Gpro paintjob version in 1992, I've never seen a photo of this!

I have a custom max200Gpro I was told was made for Mac in a batch in 1991, it has the same paintjob as above and has the black grip with the gold "Dunlops" on it that he always seemed to use throughout his career. I didn't think he ever used these rackets. So that's why I'm interested in seeing that photo!
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