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Need to go to rehab>>No No - Used my old Fischer Pro No 1 (Red and Black)yesterday, and all that sumptious feel came back. Gulp.

So anyway apart from that the guy I was hitting with suggested that we try the shots from the tennis-speed blog FFM2 a few weeks back and we have been trying to perfect it, with varying results, but mainly very good.

Its hard to incorporate the palm downwards straight arm position in a match, but our ball striking in practice has gone up several notches as has power.

Yesterday we tried the deliberate off centre hitting (bottom of strings) which I was fairly sceptical of. Bare in mind that we were using pretty old babolat gold balls, on a carpet court that just sucks the energy out of your shots, and it was bloody freezing inside Lloyds. The results were spectacular. The ball was hopping around like a mexican jumping bean. we were able to completely mess up each others timing when we got it right.
Has anyone else heard of or tried this stuff? The spin is ridiculous

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