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Originally Posted by gameboy View Post
I finally got to hit with my brand spanking new Steam 105s tonight!!!

I took it to my club tourney and promptly got waxed 1-6, 1-6.

Yes, taking a brand new racquet that you have never tried before to a match is probably not the best idea, but there was no way I was leaving this baby in the bag.

I see why the ladies at TW and others are not fond of this racquet. You REALLY need to hit with authority to get this racquet to perform. Any half-*** swing results in a floater that sails long. If you are a flat-ball hitter, you will hate this racquet. But when you swing with authority, the ball just pops and it is heavy with almost effortless power.

The main reason I couldn't do anything with it was because I didn't have a single service game where I didn't double fault at least 3 times. I just couldn't figure out how to serve with this racquet. Everything I hit was going long. I think this will take me awhile.

The other thing that killed me was my slice back-hand. When I hit a slice with my Pure Drive, it is driving and low. With Steam 105s, it was floating a lot and sailing long. When I try to drive it more, it was hitting the tape a lot. Again, I need some adjustment time here.

The forehand was fabulous. Good control, depth, and power. It is quite addicting. The swingweight is perfect. I don't think I am going to mess with any lead. It is almost like hitting with my old NXG OS, but easier.

The volleys are also quite good. Good touch and nice response from short strokes.

Also, the racquet is surprisingly comfortable. Even with it strung at 65lb with 4G, it felt flush. It was more comfortable than my Pure Drive strung with Hurricane at 55lbs.

I have another match tomorrow and hopefully I will figure out my serving woes. Wish me luck.
I spent an hour with it on the ball machine before taking it to a match and had similar issues, but I am a flat ball hitter by nature with very very low net clearance usually. SO my adjustment was that EVER ball was dropping very short in the court or into the net. It really took me the better part of the hour to trust my strokes and learn that I can shoot for the baseline and it would drop well in, but deep in the court like I needed.

Backhand slice and serve were not an issue for me like you had, but I don't really attack those shots as much as many others probably do. My mentality if probably different then most with a new frame.......I turn the "volume" of my game down significantly and turn it up little by little to see what I can do with it. Most others that I play with just swing like they always do and that seems to be really giving 99s and 105s people some fits because it is SO SO much different.

I also only plan on the 105s during doubles for the easy power and quick play, I feel like I would have similar issues as you if I played singles it. I eventually will when the weather is better for the comparison, but that might be a few weeks with our weather right now. Let us know how the next one goes.
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