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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
I know you weren't talking about this, but I never knew that I hit some shots with a straight(ish) arm until I saw the footage. Now I want to know why I go between straight and bent since I am not doing it on purpose.

But you were talking about the elbow - so you want me to try to keep it closer to my body? More like the shot at 12 seconds in? I think out of the whole video that shot has my elbow tucked in the most (and it was a nice crack I must say), but I also didn't bring the racquet as far down/under the ball on the back swing, and I know from my experience that that shot has a very small margin of error. Should I be trying to do both (elbow in + still getting low/under the ball on the back swing)?

I did say that the racquet weight 383 grams (+13.5oz) and has a SW of 365, I don't think those factors need to be changed haha. Thanks for the tips, I'm still all ears
Yea basically just keep the elbow down and close to your body on the take back, but right at the end of take back start smoothly straightening your arm (in downward direction since your elbow is still at body side) and relax it at that point. Body rotates forward. What this does is lets the racket fall down and behind the stroke and then throws it out and forward with up ward rotation around your now straight arm.

I don't see much difference at 12 seconds that you talk about.

Watch how federer does it:
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