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Originally Posted by THESEXPISTOL View Post
Which gauges where the most popular on nylons back then? 1.35 and 1.40?
There is a (big) difference between the States and Europe. In europe at that time and most likely still, were using thicker strings. Red clay just breaks strings a lot faster. So 16 was luxury, 17 almost never.

Take a look at Tecnifibre, in the states you cannot buy TGV 1.25, 1.3, 1.35 or 1.4. Compare europe web order shops with the states ones and you will see different strings and gauges.

At that time (prince) syntetic gut 17 & 16 (1.3) was used a lot in the states but I did mostly did string with 1.35 and up for amateur to close to pro level.

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