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Murray needs to freely hit his forehands, meaning he cannot revert to his old habits while under pressure of pushing that ball in because his wrist starts tensing. His forehand, at its best, rivals some of the great forehands (but it's definitely not the best forehand of all time).

Also, if he can get some free points off aces, well obviously that'll help but he'll need to serve wonders. Djokovic is such an incredible returner-- probably the best to ever live, but Murray's serve is extremely potent (not so much the 2nd serve). If his first serve is saving him some energy and demoralizing Novak, he should get the edge mentally and win just like he did at the USO.

Most importantly, Andy's gotta keep his nerves in check. He beat Federer, but he was shouting at himself too often. I hope Lendl speaks to him pre-match to advise him to stay calm and restrain himself. If he can do that and keep the fire burning, there's his 2nd major title.

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